...create better software, more quickly, for a reasonable cost.

Xperity has allowed us to create better software, more quickly, for a reasonable cost. We work with them as if they were internal to our company. Xperity's people care about our company; they genuinely want us to succeed.

Mike King
CTO, Ovations Management Solutions

Xperity has allowed us to stay highly competitive...

Xperity has allowed my company to stay highly competitive; to stay on the cutting edge with our software to meet the fluid demands of the TV broadcast industry.

Brandon Little
Project Manager, Video Technics

Leave the technology to Xperity

Anyone looking to focus on their core business and making their customers happy — leave the technology to Xperity.

David Crowder
COO, Apto Solutions

Xperity remains my go-to for advice and reliable solutions...

I obtained a solid MVP built on the right framework and code. I knew I had a partner as they guided me through the process. Xperity remains my go-to for advice and reliable solutions, making them a top choice for anyone, regardless of their tech experience.

Kate Burda
CEO, Kate Burda & Co.

Core Knowledge Base

A dedicated team of seasoned resources will be at the forefront of your software development needs through a resource strategy designed to preserve project knowledge, ramp up new team members, and fuel collaboration and production.


Global Resource Alliance

We’ve established a global talent network spanning geographical and cultural boundaries, built from a foundation of trust and communication. Experience world-class service and further your business objectives with global talent connected by the latest collaboration technology.


Skills at Scale

We source and secure top-tier global technology talent, ranging in a wide variety of relevant skills, to help you stay on top of ongoing business needs. Access the best development minds, all through a single source, that’s proven to produce highly productive results.

Discover and Evaluate

During a collaborative, comprehensive discovery and evaluation process, we’ll uncover your top priorities, needs, and underlying concerns. This foundational work will serve as the framework for a proactive roadmap and effective partnership. 

Design and Scope

We strive to create high-performance teams of world-class engineering and developer talent. Your highly curated team will be selected from a global pool of industry professionals that fit your exact criteria. Xperity’s solutions are scalable, actionable, and sure to exceed your company’s growth goals.

Build and Deliver

Xperity acts as an extension of your team for a sustainable and reliable partnership. This mindset, combined with our experience and skillsets, delivers high-quality results at the speed of your business. Extend your effectiveness and efficiency with a partner that can quickly scale up or down based on your needs.

Accelerate and Grow

Xperity provides continuous management, analysis, and development of products and projects through their full lifecycle. Backed by a wide range of skills, you’ll rest easy knowing that your team is vigilant in its effective execution of an iterative improvement process that is crafted to extend the life of your products.

Project Manager

Your main point of contact throughout the engagement, the PM is responsible for task planning, client communication, and team organization.


Prepares, tests, and delivers on the final stages of execution of development services to ensure user adoption. 

Quality Assurance

Maintains a high level of quality across all key functions within the engagement, including planning, production, and execution. 

Back-end Developer

Oversees backend programming and web components like site structure, data processing, and security.

Solutions Architect

Supports developers by creating the architectural and technical vision that solves the problem they are addressing.

UX Front-end Developer

Focused on the visual and design aspects of web-related work in order to increase user experience and adoption.

Scrum Master

Empowers the greater team to understand and follow the scrum process in order to maximize the value of the partnership. 

Business Analyst

Identifies and evaluates key business processes, products, and platforms in order to provide expert-level insight into what can be improved.

Global Resources and Expertise

Xperity matches you with reliable, high-performing technical leadership and software developers that come with a breadth of skills and expertise. Our global and local teams are compiled of experts who can collaborate with in-house teams or deliver full-cycle management.


Scalable Interchangeable Skills

Partner with an expertly crafted team that fills your exact skill gaps, delivering the exact support you need, when you need it. Our teams are scalable, customizable, and produce a heightened quality of service that you can depend on.


Dedicated Project Managers

We employ onshore project managers to continuously analyze your business’s evolving needs in order to provide the best service in times of growth and when projects change direction.


Established Metrics of Success

Your project manager and team will work with you to establish primary KPIs to ensure projects stay on track and business objectives are met. Measure your success against metrics that prove the power of an Xperity partnership.

Teams Built to Scale

Organizations struggle to pivot quickly as their development needs change. Xperity’s teams are built-to-scale and can easily adapt to provide you with flexible options and extended value.

Dedicated and Trusted Resources

With a dedicated project manager spearheading your engagement, you’ll have a connected team equipped to solve your biggest challenges.

Flexible Teams Made to Scale

Add or remove team members as needed based on growth, timelines, and business cases.

Culture of Global Collaboration

We source and select the best in technology talent to fuel our global workforce.

Competitive Advantage

Gain an advantage against your competitors with a team ready and able to make your vision a reality.

Improve Production Quality and Velocity

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and enlist the top tier of global talent to provide high-caliber services.

Reduce Time-to-Market

Accelerate project timelines with a dedicated development team aligned to your business goals and objectives.

Predictable Resourcing Costs

They’ll be no costly surprises with structured services that are upfront and transparent.

Fluid Collaboration Between Stakeholders

We connect our team and yours through advanced communication tactics that leverage the latest technology.

Expert Insights and Knowledge

Our experts come with decades of knowledge, a wide range of technical expertise, and useful skill sets.

Discover Value-Focused Development.

What makes an Xperity partnership different? Unmatched support, holistic team collaboration, and expert-level industry knowledge are a good place to start…