FinTech: Revenue Optimization Platform

Migrating From Excel Spreadsheet to Cloud Web App


Project: Learn how Xperity brought an idea to life by creating Ignite, a proprietary, comprehensive SaaS revenue optimization platform. which included an intuitive user interface to promote collaborative efforts across various disciplines.
Client: Kate Burda & Co.
Industry: FinTech
Technology: Angular, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript, Tableau, NET Core, ASP.NET Web API, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio 2019, Web API
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Xperity remains my go-to for advice and reliable solutions...

"In my search for a software development firm to build my program, my limited tech background left me uncertain about what I needed and who to trust. After selecting Xperity through an RFP process, I obtained a solid MVP built on the right framework and code. I knew I had a partner as they guided me through the process. Xperity remains my go-to for advice and reliable solutions, making them a top choice for anyone, regardless of their tech experience."

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Kate Burda & Co.

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